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Growing up in Canada, Jackie was interested in animals and nature at a young age. But it wasn't until a fateful trip to Thailand in grad school that her true calling and passion for people, primates, and conservation began to flourish.

Armed with some research equipment, a video camera, and a solid pair of hiking boots, Jackie left Canada knowing only one thing for sure: living alone on the other side of the world would not be a 'walk in the park'.

Relying on the kindness of strangers, she needed to learn the local language and make friends fast in order to survive life in the jungle. It was a task that put her mental ingenuity and strength to the ultimate test - leading her to discover a lot about the endangered animals she studies, but even more about the intrinsic value of life on earth and what it means to be human.

Now with over a decade of experience in teaching and primate research, Jackie is one of the few dedicated gibbon specialists in the world and founder of Prime Earth, sharing her story, knowledge, and love for all of life on earth to empower others and help create a more compassionate world.

Jackie's Journey

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Keynote Speaking

Dr. Jackie is passionate about people, primates, and the natural world.

An engaging and inspiring champion for nature, audiences of all ages instantly connect with Jackie through her conversational speaking and teaching style, as she weaves together stories from her adventures trekking through the jungles of Thailand with scientific knowledge and messages of compassion, hope, and courage.


Mingling the local and global issues our world currently faces, Jackie's keynotes directly address the impact our every day actions have on the lives of other people, animals, and our environment.

Audiences are motivated, encouraged, and equipped with the tools they need to take action and create meaningful change on a local to global scale. Empowered with the knowledge that we are all connected.

Jackie is available for keynote speaking, panels, and workshops, as well as school assemblies and youth group visits with keynotes tailored for a variety of professional and student/youth audiences.


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Keynote Speaking
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Keynotes During Covid:
Learn about Dr. Jackie's new Virtual Visits keynotes and request a visit here.


Ever wonder what life is like in the jungle? In this talk, Jackie recounts her road to Thailand and delves into the 'soap opera' lives of gibbons (it's pure drama), then addresses why gibbons are endangered and what we can all do to protect and save them.

Audience: All Ages Grade 6 and Up, Middle-School, High-School, College/University, Public, Special Interested Groups


Impact: A portion of proceeds from this talk goes to funding our Rainforest Restoration programs in Thailand.

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