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Primate Protectors

Identify. Report. End.

Amplifying Our Impact

We've teamed up with the Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition, sharing the data collected from our Primate Protectors project, to boost your impact & strengthen our voice to end these harmful online activities. 

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Be a part of our global
citizen   science project dedicated to protecting primates online!


What is it? 

Social media platforms are filled with problematic images of animals, fuelling the demand for wildlife trade, and perpetuating outdated notions that animals can be exploited for human entertainment.

This must stop. 

Primate Protectors champion a meaningful change for nonhuman primates in these online spaces, seeking an end to their needless suffering once and for all. 

We're gathering data to inform and influence policy makers to enact stronger measures that safeguard online spaces and eliminate harmful content that perpetuate animal suffering. And, we're working to equip and train content moderators with the tools they need to swiftly and accurately identify and eliminate harmful content from multiple social media platforms.

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Here's how YOU can help! 


How it works:

1. Sign up to join our data collection team.

2. Review our reporting guidelines and data collection rules.

3. Take our "Protector Check" to ensure you're ready to start.

4. Start reporting inappropriate content & collecting data. 

What we're doing with the data:

The data we collect will paint a precise picture of online activities that depict inappropriate content of nonhuman primates on social media, allowing us to craft accurate industry reports, and initiate a transformation in content moderation policies across social media platforms, fostering a safer online environment for all primates. 


Awareness, Education, & Action are Key.

Revolutionizing digital safety starts with precise data. By joining our project, you'll be part of a collective effort to create a safer and more respectful online environment for both animals and users, directly contributing to enact real change!

Participation Requirements:

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