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Virtual Visits

Dr. Jackie

Ready to inspire your students with epic tales from the jungle! 

Have Dr. Jackie join your classroom virtually for an engaging visit designed to spark student's curiosity and motivate their passions!


With this exciting new twist on our keynote speakers series, now students can see wild gibbons in action and spend even more time connecting with Dr. Jackie to learn about life in the jungle.

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Watch gibbons in action 

&  Meet with Dr. Jackie to chat!

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Watch episode 3 now to learn more
& see Dr. Jackie in action.

Virtual Visits with Dr. Jackie are designed to maximize engagement with students.

Packed with anecdotes from the field, inspiring stories, and a motivational message focused on taking responsibility to overcome obstacles and make your dreams come true, a Virtual Visit with Dr. Jackie is a great way to invigorate students to strive for success and build a brighter future as they learn about our wonderful natural world.

There are several presentation options to choose from each tailored to Canadian course curriculum for academic and applied level classes in science, social science, and career education. 

And we've provided all the prep work teachers need, with individual and group activity resources to get students ready to talk with Dr. Jackie on the day of her visit. 

Grade 7 to
Grade 12



Social Science


Virtual Visits are Perfect for Students in :

How do the virtual visits work?

Program Outline

  • Virtual Chats are booked in 60-90 minute time slots.

  • Dr. Jackie will join your class virtually and speak for 30 minutes with a curriculum linked presentation recounting her journey and experiences with gibbons in the jungle.

  • Students will then have the remainder of the time with Dr. Jackie to ask questions and engage in group discussion about the BIG IDEAS related to their class.

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What are people saying about Virtual Visits with Dr. Jackie?


I've invited Dr. Jackie into my classroom for the past 5+ years and she's always been so informative and engaging - my students have always enjoyed her presentations and talked about it after-the-fact.


[After the presentation] one student mentioned working hard to get a good average so she could go to McMaster "just like Dr. Prime did".  It was one of those moments that really struck me how she obviously immediately connected with Jackie's journey.


Dr. Jackie was extremely enthusiastic  and influenced how I will approach my future goals and career planning, inspiring me to think about my future options and what I want to do!


Dr. Jackie was a phenomenal speaker who really engaged us as she talked about her experiences. Her story made me realize that if you're truly passionate about something, that's when you will thrive!

Check out our calendar of events to find a potential date for your visit with Dr. Jackie.


Click the link below to send us an email. Be sure to include your name, contact info, the grade and course you teach, and your preferred time for a virtual visit.

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Book Your Time With Dr. Jackie Now

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