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This past year we’ve been hard at work building the infrastructure for our new advocacy program at Gibbon Guardians and now it’s time to TAKE ACTION with our first ever ACTION ALERT!

What’s the issue:

EGYPTAIR has gone back on their 2022 promise to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories, and, earlier this month, transported over 500 endangered long-tailed macaques to research and toxicity testing facilities in the US!

Why it’s a problem:

These monkeys reportedly came from a breeding company in Mauritius (where macaques are not naturally found).

The monkeys were reportedly transported as cargo, enduring a journey of ~20 hours flying time, plus several more hours on the ground during stop-overs, loading and transfer, in small single crates, and not allowed direct contact with others.

Then doomed to suffer in laboratories upon their arrival.


PETA, Action for Primates, One Voice, and Abolición Vivisección are campaigning against Egyptair, calling on the airline to honour its 2022 commitment, and permanently end all transportation of monkeys to laboratories.

Click this link to add your voice to the thousands telling EGYPTAIR that this is unacceptable!

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