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Empowered Impact

At Prime Earth, our mission is to educate, empower, and engage people to become compassionate global citizens who live in harmony with nature and each other.

Essentially, we teach connection:

Connection to

The Environment,

Connection to

Animals, and

Connection to

Each Other

to help you:

Make Sense of

The World Around You,

Find Your Place

In The World,


Maximize Your Potential To Do Good

(for Yourself & Others).

By helping you develop personal habits for success & deepening your connection to the beautiful planet we share with others, our programs will transform your life
to help you transform the world.

We are anthropologists. We know people. And we’re bringing our expertise to you to unlock humanity’s fullest potential to be the best human beings we can be - inspiring action that protects and cares for our precious planet and every living creature it in.


This is #MyPrimeEarth

Creating a More Compassionate World


We believe that all people should be considerate and empathetic towards others and other living creatures.​

We believe that knowledge of the connections between humans and nature fosters harmony, empathy for others, and globally responsible individuals.

Our Mission:

is to educate, empower, and engage people to become compassionate global citizens who live in harmony with nature and each other. 


We recognize that similarities and differences create meaning and value in life and do not reflect superiority-inferiority relationships.​


We believe in fostering positive learning environments through enthusiasm, honesty, and reliability.

Our Vision:

a world in which people revere nature and human diversity by understanding that humans fit within a global ecosystem and are deeply connected to the environment.


We strive to inspire people to live with vitality by providing experience, information, and tools that enable ​personal growth and connection to nature.


We act in a manner that respects and protects the well-being of the people, the local communities, and the environment in the places we work. 

Our Work:

is globally focused and community based. Grounded in anthropological theory and research, Prime Earth connects people to nature and each other through education, research, and outreach activities that make our world more inclusive, accepting, and understanding.

Creating opportunities to manifest change in the world for the prosperity of all.

We endeavour to negotiate and collaborate with schools, local communities, researchers, scientists, and students to develop education initiatives that advance knowledge and improve people's lives.

Our Values:

are listed on the hexagons to the left. Hover over the text on each shape to read our corresponding value statements for every word.

Our Top Priorities



Improving the lives of people, the wildlife, and the environment in the countries where we work by restoring humanity’s vital relationship with the natural world.



Advancing scientific knowledge on the connections between humans and animals through the long term study of wild small apes and other Asian primates.


Educating and empowering youth to become active participants in a global society that respects and reveres nature, human diversity, and our planet. 


Our Primary Focus

  • preventing biodiversity loss & restoring healthy ecosystems

  • improving the well-being of animals & preventing species extinction

thumbs up kids 2.png
  • empowering youth to be confident & thoughtful future leaders

thumbs up 4.png
  • prioritizing equity-driven inclusion in everything that we do

Our Learning Framework


It's key for effective leadership, getting along with others in healthy relationships, and developing a personal sense of value.

It's vital for future generations to make the right decisions when it comes to building more sustainable, inclusive living practices for all.

It's the shift from "I" to "We" that will bring about massive social transformation to alleviate suffering and environmental destruction for all living creatures, including humans.

COMPASSION is an essential skill for all citizens in our globally connected world.

Three Pillars for Compassionate Citizens adapted from

"A Fearless Heart" by Thupten Jinpa, Phd

At the core of everything we do is a very simple belief: we are a part of this world; and so, we must learn to live together with reverence for self, other, and nature.


By employing an inclusive, holistic perspective that combines experiential learning, natural wildlife research, and conservation action into our personal development and education projects, our Prime Earth Learning Framework empowers youth to become compassionate and responsible global leaders and citizens who understand that everyone is connected to each other and to all living creatures on earth.

People, governments, corporations, and educators around the world are beginning to recognize the dire need for a healthy planet with happy people.
We've got the tools to ensure youth are prepared to build bright futures!
The skills we teach:
Our education goals:
Prime Earth Learning Framework
Prime Earth Learning Goals
Our learning outcomes:
  • empower compassionate global leaders and citizens. 

  • instill active citizenship in  future generations.

  • develop confident,               well-rounded individuals.

  • establish positive life-long connections with nature.

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