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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Meet Our Operations Team

A little more about our crew...

Jackie Prime

Jackie Prime, PhD

Founder, Executive Director & Chief Scientist

You've seen her name pop up around here a few times, for sure. She's the visionary behind our mission and the organizer who keeps things on track. With a PhD in biological anthropology, specializing in primate behaviour, primate cognition, and evolutionary adaptation, Dr. Jackie is ambitious, hard-working, and driven. She's also humble and passionate about lifting people up, helping others thrive, and creating a more a compassionate world for all people, plants, and animals.

In 2009, she began to dream that one day, when she finished school, she would find a way to teach people around the world how interconnected our world is and how every person matters because our choices impact the world.

When that day arrived, following the advice of a friend, she wrote a brief manifesto. It read:

"You are a part of this world – take it in, breathe it, appreciate it, respect it; you are not alone or alien – you matter, life matters...we are all connected. Join us."

And she started to build her team.


Megan Rowcliffe, MFC

Rainforest Restoration Program Director

A trained forest ecologist with expertise in forest conservation, Megan graduated with a Master's of Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto. She has conducted several research projects, some of which include monitoring native vascular plants, accumulating over 8 years of experience working with nonprofits, municipalities, universities, and governmental organizations in projects involving reforestation, ecology, and forest conservation.

Megan's passion for forestry has led her to study various landscapes from southern Ontario to the Peruvian Amazon and on to Ghana, before shifting her focus towards south east Asia with Prime Earth. Having worked with various types of animals from fruit flies and butterflies to salamanders, anacondas, and jungle cats, Megan continues to use her forestry knowledge to now help protect and conserve small apes with our Gibbon Guardian Rainforest Restoration tree planting projects.

Megan is also extremely passionate about connecting forest conservation with the well-being of communities. Recognizing that caring for forests goes hand in hand with improving people's lives, Megan's dedication to helping others and empowering women is strongly reflected in our reforestation initiatives here at Prime Earth. 

Brontë (closer up).png

Brontë Slote

Advocacy & Outreach Program Manager

Currently pursuing an honours honours degree in Sociology and Critical Animal Studies at Brock University, Brontë's studies revolve around the intersection of humans and animals in society and how we can understand these relationships in social, commercial, and personal contexts.

She has volunteered with a number of organizations focusing on the human-animal bond and animal rights activism, and finds value in community engagement and strives to make environmental and animal issues accessible to all.   

Brontë deeply resonated with Prime Earth’s message that “we are all connected.” It spoke to her experiences and passion for addressing the interrelated nature of human, non-human animal and environmental exploitation. She was inspired to get involved and is excited to join together through advocacy programming to create a more compassionate world for all.

Kale - Iceland.jpg

Kale Black

Community Engagement Specialist

Kale Black is an award-winning environmentalist and community organizer as well as a meditation facilitator and holistic wellness consultant.  He began his career in the nonprofit industry as an environmental program coordinator with a local environmental organization at the age of 18, and has been working directly with youth ever since - coordinating a provincially recognized local youth network in Burlington, Ontario, and speaking to audiences across the province on how to take action to be the change you want to see in the world.


Incorporating his passion for the field of holistic health with his dedication to environmental conservation, Kale believes strongly in a new way of looking at environmentalism that includes the health of human beings (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) as an essential part of the well being of our planet.


With a special talent for connecting with people, he's passionate about sharing his wisdom and the motivational lessons he has learned along his journey with others to create a more compassionate world through our new PowerSeekers program.


Julián Hurtado Rodriguez

PowerSeekers Program Officer - Education & Outreach

Fascinated with wildlife conservation and reducing human impact on the environment, Julian recently graduated from McMaster University with an HBSc in Biology research specialization.


Driven by the desire to help both people and the environment by improving peoples' awareness about their actions and their impact on nature, he is enthusiastic about joining Prime Earth as an Educator Program Officer for the Powerseekers program and the opportunity to share his passion with others.


Ian Worrall Azuela 

PowerSeekers Program Officer - Communications

Steve Irwin's famous quote: "We don't own the planet earth. We belong to it, and we must share it with our wildlife" has left a lasting impact on Ian.


Trained in Finance and Business Administration in Mexico City and the UK, Ian's strong desire to use his skills and knowledge to contribute to the well-being of our planet led him to Prime Earth. Self-educated in environmental stewardship, our mission and values deeply resonated with Ian and his commitment to empower individuals to make a positive impact worldwide.

Nikki McCabe.png

Nikki McCabe

Conservation Officer

Nikki is a Conservation Biologist with a passion for the preservation of our natural areas and wildlife. She felt called to Prime Earth for our work that connects full circle with the environment, animals, and communities. 


Prior to joining our team, Nikki worked as a tree planter in Western Canada where her interest in conserving forest was sparked. She believes that all trees in the ground deserve the chance to thrive. And as the Lorax once said, "I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues."



Syd Treasure

Advocacy Officer

A fourth year Environmental Science student specializing in Ecology and Conservation at the University of British Columbia, Syd values conservation efforts that protect wildlife and support local communities' livelihood and development.


Aligned with our mission to create a more compassionate world, Syd helps out with our awareness and education campaigns on the Prime Earth Advocacy Team.


Erin (use).png

Erin Haugh

Communications Officer

Erin is currently a student at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. She is studying Environmental Studies and Spanish.


Erin is passionate about protecting the environment, conscious living, and learning about the benefits of spending time outdoors. She was drawn to Prime Earth because of our mission to encourage people to foster a connection to the environment. Erin is grateful to be a part of our Prime Earth team as we seek to create a more compassionate world where people have an appreciation for nature.


One of her favourite quotes is by Wendell Berry who said “The Earth is what we all have in common".

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