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Love the Earth

Global Citizens United

Advocating for Animals, Earth, and Social Justice Together

Featured Projects:

Addressing problematic animal imagery on social media.

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Links to our latest campaigns to TAKE ACTION now.

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Our take on key issues to drive change and clarify needs.

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Advocacy Ambassadors

Amplify your voice for positive change: Join our movement!

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Raising Awareness

Calling for Change

Amplifying Voices

Our Singular Focus:


To peacefully facilitate change that makes our world a more inclusive, accepting, and understanding place.

Climate Protest
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Sharing knowledge in an accessible and culturally respectful manner to keep our network informed on our key issues.


Equipping our network with the tools and resources  they need to use their voice effectively as confident agents of change, shifting the status quo on our key issues.


Bringing people together and creating opportunities for peaceful tangible action to implement change on our key issues.


Our Approach:

Our Key Areas of Interest:

Ways to Get Involved:

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Primate Protectors
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