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Love the Earth

Passionate about making change?

Join Our Advocacy Ambassador Community!

United, we're forging the path
to a more compassionate world!

Advocacy Ambassadors at Prime Earth are just like you: everyday, inspired people looking to make a positive impact in this world for people, plants, and animals.

Together, we supercharge our advocacy efforts and lead the charge in effecting meaningful change.

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We care about making waves, not just ripples!

United by our desire for driving positive change and creating concrete results, we amplify our impact by working together to increase awareness, mobilize support, and build momentum for change. 

With a shared dedication to championing environmental sustainability, advocating for animal welfare, and promoting social justice, we are a network that doesn't just talk about change, we actively create it.

Together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone.

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Being an Advocacy Ambassador is easy...

Sign Up

Add us to your inbox contacts for exclusive updates, media kits, & campaigns.

Share the issues you're passionate about with your network.

Level-up your impact & earn rewards as you spread the word!

How to level-up your impact:

As an Advocacy Ambassador, every time you complete an action item such as forwarding an email campaign or sharing a social media post, you gain access to exclusive perks and resources for spreading the word.

With these perks, ambassadors progress through three levels of champion change-makers, each level offering greater opportunity for influence and engagement, and the chance to fully embrace your role as catalysts for positive change, making a lasting impact on the world.


Ready to be a voice for change?

Review our Terms of Agreement and complete the form below to join our team as an Advocacy Ambassador now!

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