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Comprehensive job search training for Biological Anthropologists interested in careers outside of academia.

This online training program is specifically designed for graduate students and recent graduates

with degrees in

Biological Anthropology.

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ACE is a go-at-your-own-pace professional development course, designed to support and guide biological anthropologists through the process of applying for jobs after graduation.

Learn to:

  • communicate your unique skills to non-academic employers

  • manage the emotional transition from academia to the workforce

  • take the right action to find meaningful work beyond academia


Program Components:

  • Course e-book that specifically addresses the challenges biological anthropologists face when transitioning from school to the workforce

  • Confidence building “Apply It” activities guiding you to tailor your personal experiences, skills, and schooling for your job search to find meaningful work

  • Access to ACE Auxiliaries (videos and blog posts) to help you master the process

  • Access to regularly scheduled "online office hours" that provided opportunities to meet with guest speakers who hold Anthropology degrees and currently work outside of academia

Connect with mentors in virtual chats, where you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Hear the personal journeys of others who have of found meaningful work outside of academia

  • Learn how they use their anthropological  knowledge, training, and experiences in their current work lives

  • Ask questions and discuss key topics related to managing the transition from academia to the workforce




Executive Director &

Children's Book Author




Technical Consultant for a Cybersecurity Firm




Casualty Identification Coordinator for the Canadian Armed Forces




Human Resources Director at Bridgestone

Our Commitment to Quality

At Prime Earth, we're proud to provide high quality educational resources at low cost to our students.

This pilot program is designed by Biological Anthropologist for Biological Anthropologists and has been peer reviewed and approved by a team of currently enrolled graduate students and recent graduates.

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Program Fee = $28.75 (tax included)


CAPA-ACAP Members can access this resource free-of-charge by following the ACE link on the CAPA-ACAP website. Simply visit the CAPA-ACAP website, log in to your profile to activate the ACE link, then proceed to the special ACE registration page for CAPA-ACAP members.

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