Empowerment Coaching & Mentoring

with Dr. Jackie

  Investing in Empowerment Coaching and Mentoring is a profound personal commitment to yourself and your well-being.


It is not therapy or counseling, but rather an opportunity for direct one-on-one guidance and support that will help you to produce extraordinary positive results in your life, your schooling, your career, and your relationships with others.

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Confidence &

Self Esteem

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Personal Identity

& Responsibility



Healthy Habits

for Success

Through Prime Earth, Dr. Jackie offers her professional coaching services at significantly discounted rates to youth ages 15 to 25, who are currently enrolled in high school, college/university or who have recently graduated (up to 3 years out of school).

Judgement free. Confidential. Fun. Transformational.


  Get help with:

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Why Work With Jackie?

One-On-One Coaching & Mentoring with Jackie is like spending time with a good friend who's always there with unconditional support. You'll leave feeling clearer, capable, and ready to take on your next steps.

she's funny. she's friendly.

(she outran an elephant once in the jungle, so you know she's super cool.)

she genuinely knows her stuff.

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From human behaviour to neuroscience, Jackie knows how the mind works, how to help people get along, what people need to be happy, and how to guide others to realize and achieve their highest potential.

But more importantly, she's been through a lot. She's tried. She's failed. She's struggled with school. She's struggled with relationships. She's felt 'not good enough' at times. She's felt lost. She's been scared. She's moved to the opposite side of the planet into a world full of strangers. She's experienced the pain of sickness and loss of a loved one. But she's found her way through.

She's survived. She's thrived.

And she's all about lifting people up and helping others make their lives extraordinary too.

As a former lifeguard trainer, personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, through to tutoring and mentoring university students, and her keynote speeches and high-school workshops, Jackie is an excellent communicator, connector, motivator, and teacher.


She will find the greatness in you, even if you can't see it in yourself yet, and her optimism, enthusiasm and authenticity will inspire and drive you to believe in yourself and your dreams. Her knowledge will help you to build the life that's best for you. 

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What people are saying about their empowering experiences with Jackie...

"I have never met someone in my life who has been so emotionally supportive and helped me get through major challenges in grad school."
- Adrian
"Jackie has a unique and refreshing ability to zero in on an individual's gifts to the world, as well as their potential... I am forever grateful for her talent."
- Amy
"I can wholeheartedly say that Jackie has been one of (if not the) most transformational and important people in my life so far."
- Dwight
"It always amazes me how she is able to raise my vibration so quickly.... I leave our meetings feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next month because of her thoughtful guidance."
- Rachelle
"She genuinely cares about people, what makes them unique, and is extremely supportive.... I'd recommend her to anyone looking for guidance or support through life's adventures."
- Lee

Build the courage and confidence you need to succeed at everything you want to do!

  Personal growth and development is a continuous process and a lifetime commitment, that's why we offer 'Clarify' sessions to help you get started, 'Amplify' sessions to help you maximize your personal strengths, and 'Elevate' sessions to help you keep growing once you're well on your way to success.



Define your top 3 priorities to achieve a sense of clarity or pop in with Jackie whenever you need a boost.

Clear the space around an issue to help you take action with purpose and build success into your life. Or check in with Jackie whenever you need a boost.

Unlock the magic of your authentic self with Jackie.



  • 1 x 60 minute One-on-One Video Meeting with Jackie

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 Developing a positive self-concept and the confidence to tap into your own authentic power starts here.

If your confidence is not where you want it to be.

If you lack a clear vision… Or your vision is so big you’re overwhelmed.

This is where you step into your power and level up.



  • 8 x 60 minute One-on-One Video Meetings with Jackie

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This is about working together to gauge your current emotional state

and then elevating from where you are to where you want to be.

Embrace a brighter future and create a life you love.



  • 12 x 60 minute One-on-One Video Meetings with Jackie

Dedicated time, support, motivation, and encouragement to ensure your success and happiness grows.

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Or test the waters to see how it feels.

Find out if working with Jackie is the right fit for you with a free 30 minutes One-on-One Meeting with Jackie.


Try It

Coaching and Mentoring can only succeed when we're in sync and committed to your success.

Let's connect and see how we get along.

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No long term commitment.

No obligation to continue.

It starts with


  Invest in you and build a brighter future for others too!

When you take the steps to create the life you want through our empowerment coaching programs, you're not just improving life for yourself. You're investing in building a  better world for everyone.

Proceeds from our Empowerment Coaching sessions go to towards our education programs, humanitarian work, and conservation initiatives around the world helping to nurture and elevate people's lives, connect people to nature, restoring healthy ecosystems, prevent biodiversity loss, and improve the lives of the people, the wildlife and the environment in the countries where we work.  


Helping you, help yourself & others.

Because we believe in lifting people up. Everywhere.

Are you ready?  Let's get started!

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