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offering a holistic approach to personal growth, environmental stewardship, and fostering equitable change.

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Membership Perks:

Annual membership dues give you an all-access pass to a world of inclusive benefits and community perks designed to elevate your impact.


Becoming a PowerSeeker grants you immediate access to:

Our dynamic personal development & impact program

All our virtual Power-Up webinar resources and community events.

All our impactful Power Project conservation & advocacy activities.

Weekly virtual meet ups and in-person local clubs/activities as they grow.

Our global PowerSphere community forum and mentoring group chats.

Our annual empowerment summit and community impact celebration: DYNAMO!

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    Valid for 12 months
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Invest in you and build a brighter future for others too!

When you take the steps to create the life you want through our PowerSeekers programs, you're not just improving life for yourself. You're investing in building a better world for everyone.

Proceeds from our PowerSeekers memberships go right back into our community for our education and action programs, our advocacy work, and our conservation initiatives around the world helping to nurture and elevate people's lives, connect people to nature, restore healthy ecosystems, prevent biodiversity loss, and improve the lives of the people, the wildlife, and the environment in the countries where we work.  


Helping you, help yourself & others.

Because we believe in lifting people up.Everywhere.

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