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We are a community that believes in lifting people up - where authenticity is embraced, personal growth is nurtured, and each one of us is empowered to contribute meaningfully to the world.


We cultivate skills that boost confidence and capabilities, and extend a warm welcome to individuals wanting to strengthen their personal skills, unlock their potential, and make a lasting positive impact.

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Young Adults, Ages 16 to 27


Who Care About Our World


Who Want to Create Change


& Are Searching For Community

You Belong With Us

Your PowerSeekers journey begins here, and we're excited to have you as member of our community.

Joining gives you full access to our enriching programs and supportive squad, including our building block resources, our community hub, virtual meet-up opportunities, our annual summit, and more.

Annual membership dues ensure you have an all-access inclusive pass to our community.

Membership Perks:

Annual membership dues give you an all-access pass to a world of inclusive benefits and community perks designed to elevate your impact.


Becoming a PowerSeeker grants you immediate access to:

Our dynamic personal development & impact program of 30+ building blocks to grow at your own pace.

All of our virtual Power-Up webinar resources and community events.

All of our impactful Power Project conservation & advocacy activities.

Our weekly virtual meet ups and in-person local clubs/activities as they grow.

Our global PowerSphere community forum and mentoring support group chats.

Our annual empowerment summit and community impact celebration: DYNAMO!

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What's Included:

Keys To Success

Get full access to our ever-expanding library of resources & develop your skills in your own time, anywhere.

Bonus Boosters

Expand skills, forge bonds, & enrich your experience with practical skill-boosting PowerUp webinars & community events. 

Impactful Actions

Take action on issues that matter most to you with hands-on Power Projects & make a positive impact on a local-to-global scale.

Weekly Meet-Ups

Speak directly with our mentors and other community members to discuss your experiences & the issues you care about.

Community Hub

Connect anytime, anywhere to share ideas, get tips, forge friendships & fuel your success with PowerSeekers worldwide.

Annual Summit

Hone your skills, meet with experts, & celebrate our community achievements as we unite once a year for DYNAMO!

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Follow the Funds:
How Your Membership Fees Make an Impact

At the forefront of creating a more compassionate world, PowerSeekers is a community where young adults thrive in a nurturing environment dedicated to personal growth and making a tangible difference. In addition to making PowerSeekers possible, your membership fee powers our community programming & our impact activities.

100% of your annual membership dues goes directly into our community & projects.


Our Dynamic Programs

Developing innovative programming to meet your needs.


Our Impact Projects

Supporting our impactful conservation & advocacy initiatives.



For all of our programs and activities.


Equipment & Rental Fees

Covering cost for project equipment & safety gear.


Leadership Training

For our team members and mentors who deliver our programs.

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