Primates Are Not Pets! Sign the Petition to Tell Google and Facebook to Stop Helping Traffickers!

We know if you're here, you love animals and want to protect them from unthinkable cruelty just as much as we do! And now here's your chance.

A few years ago, Facebook had a way to report wildlife crimes on their platform (albeit it was difficult to find), but now they don't. This has to change!

Consider signing this petition and tell the most influential tech companies in the world (Facebook and Google) to stop enabling the illegal pet trade by cracking down on the sale of primates and the display of wildlife as exotic pets on their platforms.

PASA is respectfully urging these companies to implement the following measures to show they do not condone the mistreatment of animals: • Provide a clear way to let the users of your social media sites easily report

content containing primates, and other wildlife, as animal cruelty. • Take action when such content is reported, by removing content showing

wildlife as pets.

We signed it. Will you?…