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Become A Gibbon Guardian

Their freedom is in our hands.

Gibbon Guardian Memberships

There's a quick and easy way to join our global tribe of Champion Gibbon Guardians and instantly make an impact helping gibbons, while spreading your contribution into smaller payments over the next 4 months.

Here's how:

  • Simply click the green  'Select Now' button for a Champion Membership and select the option for payment installments

  • Then apply the promo code: VIP-GGM-SHIP-CODE to your order at checkout to ensure the shipping fees are properly discounted across the 4 monthly payments.

The Perks of Being a
Champion Member

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Gibbon Guardian Champion Icon.png



For your generous contribution we'll send you:

  • oodles of gratitude

  • one 'I am a Gibbon Guardian' Members Only tee

  • one 'Save the Gibbons' sticker pack

  • one 'Seeds of Green' eco-bracelet

  • a personalized VIP Gibbon Guardian certificate

  • a personalized membership wallet card with a 10% discount code for all our Gibbon Gear

  • Plus, you'll get:

    • Exclusive access to our Facebook community, featuring news and updates on our ongoing tree planting & research projects.

    • Exclusive access to free 'Members Only' events and VIP events, including workshops, webinars, and opportunities to connect with our founder Dr. Jackie, meet our sanctuary partners, our field assistants, our team, and the gibbons we study and protect.

  • And:

    • We'll plant a tree in your honour and send you a certificate.

Where does the money go_
Planting a Tree

Tree Planting Projects

Your membership dues help ensure the conservation of wild gibbons and their habitats in SE Asia, assisting with:

  • planting trees that bridge identified habitat zones for small apes and/or restore known gibbon habitats.

  • ongoing care and protection for the trees we plant to ensure the long term sustainability of our planted areas.

  • local programs that empower women as community leaders and engage youth in social transformation.

  • local community support projects, reflective of community needs, that improve the quality of life for people in the areas where we plant trees.

Sanctuary Partners

Your membership dues help support the well-being of gibbons in rehabilitation and reintroduction programs at our partner sanctuaries, assisting with:

  • cost of food for gibbons rescued from wildlife trade.

  • cost of veterinary and medical care for rescued gibbons.

  • rescue equipment for wildlife rescue/response teams.

  • protective safety equipment for gibbon caretakers.

Chet [0639].JPG

Ongoing Fieldwork

Your membership dues support our non-invasive, wild-based behavioural research on white-handed gibbons, pileated gibbons, and pig-tailed macaques at Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, assisting with:

  • local field assistant salaries.

  • training & protective forest gear for local field assistants.

  • cost of scientific equipment for our noninvasive research.

  • maintaining the field station for researchers (as needed).

Education Programs

Your membership dues support our youth education programs and public education campaigns, helping to connect more people with nature and foster an appreciation for wildlife and rainforests in youth by assisting with:

  • cost of eco-friendly craft materials & scientific equipment for interactive workshops.

  • providing low-cost, accessible programming for schools and youth groups.

  • ongoing public education and awareness campaigns.


Helping Gibbons, Helps Our Planet, & Helps Us All!

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