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Currently, we are not booking wisdom workshops due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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 Workshops for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 3.

These fun and entertaining educational workshops are designed to connect children with nature by fostering an appreciation for wildlife and rainforests, while also developing their sensory motor skills, reading and writing skills, math and numbers recognition, and creativity!

Workshops run 60 minutes and include story time with a Gibby's Great Adventure book followed by eduational songs, games, activities, and a unique eco-friendly craft!

All crafts and activities are 100% eco-friendly using sustainably made, recycled, and/or plant-based products.

Your options are:

(hover over the options below to read the workshop descriptions)

Rainforest Wisdom.png


Learn about the amazing benefits rainforests provide for our planet and how we must all do our part to protect them for ourselves and for all the wonderful animals we live with on earth.

Animal Kindness.png


Kindness and respect for animals is an essential human virtue.

Learn how to show kindness and respect to animals whether they are pets at home or wildlife in nature.

Healthy Eating.png


Learn about healthy foods while taste-testing some of Gibby and her wild gibbon cousin's favourite fruits that people also eat and can find in our local grocery store!

Sharing & Caring.png


Sharing is a vital life skill that all animals, including humans, must understand in order to get along with each other and care for our precious earth.

Learn how compromise and cooperation are the keys to every primate's success!

Diversity Wisdom.png


Just like gibbons, people come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours!

Learn about skin colour variation, how we are more alike than different, how people are sometimes treated unfairly because of our differences, and what we can do to make sure all our friends feel safe and comfortable everywhere we go.

Emotional Wisdom.png


Learn how emotions are a normal part of life for all people and animals, how to identify emotions in ourselves and others, and how to be respectful of other people's feelings with Gibby.

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