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Gibby and Jeppa at Home in the Jungle

Gibby and Jeppa at Home in the Jungle

Look & Learn Picture Book

Age Range: Under 4

Grade Range: Pre K to 1


What's the difference between a monkey and an ape?

Gibby and Jeppa know!


Gibby's Great Adventures look-and-learn picture books are aimed at very young children, introducing them to the wonderful world of small apes called gibbons. Using bright, colourful cartoon versions of REAL wild animals, fun rhymes and exciting adventures, Gibby's picture books connect kids with nature and help develop language awareness skills.

  • As always for every two copies you buy of Gibby's Great Adventure, we'll donate one book to a child in need through our Gibby Giving Program. So stock up for yourself, your neighbour, your friends... together we're connecting kids with nature and saving wild gibbons through the magical power of reading!

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