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Gibby's Great Adventure

Gibby's Great Adventure

SKU: 2583

Easy Reader

Age Range: 5 to 9 years

Grade Range: K-03


After chasing a butterfly through the jungle, Gibby suddenly finds herself very far from her family and lost. Using her courage, confidence, and some clever teamwork, Gibby makes new friends on her quest to find her way home to the Frilly-Fig Tree. But with danger lurking in every direction, will they make it to safety before the sun sets?


Gibby's Great Adventures series introduces kids to the wonderful jungle world of gibbons using cartoon versions of REAL animals and nature to teach kids important lessons about curiosity, problem-solving, resilience, self-confidence, teamwork, empathy, and integrity - all while rocking and rhyming in the heart of the jungles of Asia. 


Every character in the Gibby's Great Adventures series has a real-life cousin in the wild, fostering valuable connections for kids with nature, conservation, and the importance of wild animals through storytelling.

  • As always for every two copies you buy of Gibby's Great Adventure, we'll donate one book to a child in need through our Gibby Giving Program. So stock up for yourself, your neighbour, your friends... together we're connecting kids with nature and saving wild gibbons through the magical power of reading!

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