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Carving out your own path to greatness can sometimes lead to feeling disconnected from the world around you.


When life gets hard and you're overwhelmed by the weight of your dreams, discouraged by the distance between your current reality and where you want to be, and starting to feel like you're not good enough or you want to give up. We're here to help.

Investing in Empowerment Coaching and Mentoring is a profound personal commitment to yourself and your well-being.

It is not therapy or counseling, but rather an ongoing forward-focused professional relationship that will help you to produce extraordinary positive results in your life, your career, and your relationships with others.


Personal growth and development is a continuous process and a lifetime commitment, that's why we offer 'Amplify' sessions to help you get started as well as 'Elevate' sessions to help you keep growing once you're well on your way to success.


Whether you have a big project on the go, you're in transition, you have big plans for the future, you need help planning your career or you need a boost getting yourself on track, the flexibility in our packages allows you to pick the time-frame that best suits your availability and needs to meet with Jackie as frequently as you like.


Pick the plan that works for you from the options below to get the support, strategy, and skills you need to build confidence, overcome insecurities, and meet goals to live the life of your dreams.


For additional help picking the best option for you, send us a message and we'll chat at

How It Works:


Try It

Find out if working with Jackie is the right fit for you with a free 30 minutes One-on-One Meeting with Jackie.

No long term commitment.

No obligation to continue.

Coaching and Mentoring can only succeed when we're in sync and committed to your success.

Let's connect and see how we get along.


First Timers Packages

Available for:

  • One 30 minute meeting

  • Valid for one month

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Try It



 Developing a positive self-concept and the confidence to tap into your own authentic power starts here.

If your confidence is not where you want it to be.

If you lack a clear vision… Or your vision is so big you’re overwhelmed.

This is where you step into your power and level up.


Monthly Packages

Available for:

  • 3 months  (8 sessions)

  • 6 months (12 sessions)

  • Unlimited email access

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This is about working together to gauge your current emotional state

and then elevating from where you are to where you want to be.

Embrace a brighter future and create a life you love.


Monthly Packages

Available for:

  • 3 months  (3-12 sessions)

  • 6 months (6-24 sessions)

  • 9 months (9-36 sessions)

  • Unlimited email access

Dedicated time, support, motivation, and encouragement to ensure your success and happiness grows.

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Learn to:

  • respect yourself

  • manage stress

  • rethink your value

  • reaffirm your self worth & develop healthy habits

love yourself no matter your circumstances

strengthen your sense of self with positive self expression & self acceptance

improve your relationships with friends, family, co-workers/teachers...

everyone you know

improve your self esteem with self awareness

  • identify obstacles to change & develop personalized strategies for forward movement

  • set goals & realize your potential

trust yourself

& understand  your emotions

develop your understanding between choices & consequences

  • accept your human imperfections

  • improve your work ethic

  • organize and manage your time

Your Greatness

apply a creative mindset with future planning and visioning

increase your self confidence


improve decision making skills

This is about finding, loving, and celebrating your authentic self  and becoming comfortable with who you are.

The next steps:

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 23.56.35.png

One-On-One Coaching & Mentoring with Jackie is like spending time with a good friend who's always there with unconditional support. You'll leave feeling clearer, capable, and ready to take on your next steps.

Why Do We Do This?


Empowering people to live happier, healthier lives is one of our primary objectives at Prime Earth, and our founder Jackie is genuinely great at helping people realize and achieve their highest potential.

From her days as a lifeguard trainer, to a personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, through to teaching and advising university students, to her keynote speeches and high-school workshops, Jackie is an excellent communicator, connector, motivator, and teacher. She will find the greatness in you, even if you can't see it in yourself yet, and her optimism, enthusiasm and authenticity will inspire and drive you to believe in yourself and your dreams helping you to build the life that's best for you. 

At Prime Earth, we strongly believe that people who are feeling good, who are connected to their true authentic self, who have come alive, are people who do good in the world. We work hard to inspire, motivate, and engage people to find their place in the world connected to nature and in harmony with others.

It's our principle intention with everything we do:

be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

That's how we're creating a more compassionate world.

"...because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman

It starts with


Invest in you and build a brighter future for others too!

When you take the steps to create the life you want most with us, you're not just improving life for yourself. You're investing in creating a more compassionate world for everyone.

Your contribution to Prime Earth goes towards our education programs, humanitarian work, and conservation initiatives to nurture and elevate people's lives; connecting people to nature, restoring healthy ecosystems, preventing biodiversity loss, and improving the lives of the people, the wildlife and the environment in the countries where we work.  


Helping you, help yourself & others.

Because we believe in lifting people up. Everywhere.

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