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Trailblazers Wanted:

Be a part of the revolution, where innovation meets impact, and your voice sparks change. As a Volunteer BETA Tester, you get an exclusive first look at our groundbreaking PowerSeekers program, providing valuable insights to make it even more extraordinary.


Develop Skills

Develop valuable personal development skills in Self-Reflection, Mindfulness, and Resilience


Discover More

Learn about your impact on the world and practice making decisions that positively affect others. 



Sessions run for 30 days, and our activities take about 3 hours each week to complete at your own pace.


Your Voice

We'll collect regular online surveys throughout the 30 days to gather your valuable insights our resources.


Web Jams

Virtually meet with our development team once a week to discuss how things are going and share your thoughts. 


Why Volunteer?

Be at the forefront of creating a more compassionate world! Your input matters. By joining us, you're not just a tester; you're a co-creator influencing the future of environmental conservation, social justice, and youth empowerment. It's your chance to make a real impact.

Vision Vibe with Us

Seize the opportunity to exchange ideas, forge connections with fellow BETA Testers who share your passion for people, plants, and animals, and be part of a community that's committed to making a difference. 

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VIP Perks

Your efforts won't go unnoticed! Receive special recognition as a PowerSeekers Trailblazer and exclusive rewards as a token of our gratitude for your invaluable contributions.

Make an Impact!

Imagine being part of a movement that transforms lives. Your involvement as a Volunteer BETA Tester directly contributes to our movement empowering young adults, and inspiring positive change in communities around the globe.


How to Sign Up:

Ready to be a trailblazer for positive change? Join our exclusive beta testing community and lead the way in shaping a transformative experience. Your insights matter— sign up now to unleash your potential and make a lasting impact!

Time Commitment:

Each Beta Testing Sessions runs for 4 weeks (30 days total).

3 hours per week of go-at-your-own pace flex time for activities plus a 1 hour virtual team meeting on Saturdays 11:00 - 12:00 EST

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Work through self-guided educational material each week over the 30 day session.

Provide a review of our materials each week by filling out a short feedback form.

Attend weekly feedback meetings with our team to discuss your experience as a BETA tester.

Participant Requirements:

Participants must be 16-27 years of age, and proficient in English (read/write/speak).

Participants must have a reliable internet connection and email address to access our online resources, participate in feedback surveys, and join our weekly virtual meetings.

VIP Perks:

Beta testers get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our new PowerSeekers program.

Receive 50% off  your annual membership dues when registration opens in May 2024. 

Receive 25% off Friends & Family bonus discounts to share with everyone you know.

Canadian high-school students can receive 16 volunteer hours of community service per beta testing session (up to 48 hours total for participating in all 3 sessions). 

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