Our Compassion-In-Action Projects engage youth and young adults in social and environmental transformation with meaningful work that helps others.

Each project involves:

  • An independent service-learning campaign

  • Experiential learning initiatives

  • —Opportunities to learn and employ skills of   empathy, compassion, leadership, and how to make sustainable choices in our daily lives.




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How It Works:

  Compassion-In-Action Projects can be downloaded from the Nature Nexus.


Each project contains five components per topic

and can be done by individuals, groups, or classes:


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Why Join the Primate Pack?





Because animals are the best.
Do we really need to say more?
We will.
Immeasurable Joy. Loving. Adorable.
Fierce. Hilarious. Therapeutic.
Feeling Sentient Beings.
Animals are Awesome.


you have  

a voice

Ya, you do. You may not even fully
realize it yet, but you do.
Sometimes you use it to sing in the
shower at the top of your lungs or
reluctantly when the teacher calls on
you in class. But it's there. We
promise. Now let's put it to good use.


you want to

have fun

Doing stuff is fun.
Doing stuff to help others is super fun.
Doing stuff with awesome people
who are funny, and friendly, and kind,
who also like helping others because
they care about stuff that matters (like
our planet)... that is extra super fun.

make a


you want to


You don't have to be the centre of attention to have impact.
Of course, you can be if you want to.
But either way, you've got influence and have an effect on the world around you.
Why not make that influence a positive driving force?


you want to

build a brighter


You have influence. You have passion.
There is greatness in you.
Maybe you haven't fully seen it in yourself yet. That's fine. We know it's there. And you know that doing the right thing is about showing up for what matters most. Let's get building.
Let's do this: Join Now

The Primate Pack is our volunteer community working to create a better world through compassionate action.

Joining our tribe is free. It's fun. And you get cool perks for doing good.

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