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Join Our Tribe

We are a community that believes in lifting people up - where authenticity is embraced, personal growth is nurtured, and each one of us is empowered to contribute meaningfully to the world.


We cultivate skills that boost confidence and capabilities, and extend a warm welcome to individuals seeking to strengthen their personal skills, unlock their potential, and make a lasting positive impact.

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Young Adults, Ages 16 to 27


Who Care About Our World


Who Want to Create Change


& Are Searching For Community

You Belong With Us

Your PowerSeekers journey begins here, and we're excited to have you as member of our tribe.

Joining gives you full access to our enriching program and supportive community, including our building block resources, our community hub, local club opportunities, our annual summit, and more.

Annual membership dues ensure you have an all-inclusive pass to our array of empowering experiences.


Pre-registration for 2024
opens in March!

Save the Date! 

Our inaugural Community Welcome Celebration is happening May 27, 2024!


Trailblazers Wanted:

Be a part of the revolution, where innovation meets impact, and your voice sparks change. As a Volunteer BETA Tester, you get an exclusive first look at our groundbreaking PowerSeekers program, providing valuable insights to make it even more extraordinary.

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