At the core of everything we do is a very simple belief: we are a part of this world.

And so, we must learn to live together with reverence for self, other, and nature.


By employing an inclusive, holistic perspective - combining experiential learning, natural wildlife research, and conservation action initiatives into our education programs, the Earth Educators division of Prime Earth creates opportunities for youth to connect with and experience nature and different cultures in unique ways. We aim to empower our future leaders to become compassionate and responsible global citizens who understand that everyone is connected to each other and to all living creatures on earth.






Our workshops are geared towards grades 9-12 and can be modified for younger audiences upon request. Every workshop is created to educate, empower, and engage youth with interactive learning opportunities to understand human to human, human to environment, and human to animal connections.


Prepared with the assistance of teachers across Canada, our workshops accommodate a variety of learning styles and offer opportunities for students to:


  • Make cross-curricular connections in science, social studies, geography, civics, language, and environmental studies.

  • Develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and map and document analysis.

  • Engage in inquiry-based learning.

Your Options Are:

Classroom Presentations

Youth Groups

Eco-Clubs & Youth Summits

Always Looking Up

Our founder, Dr. Jackie Prime, is passionate about people, primates, and the natural world.


With over a decade of teaching and research experience studying the behaviours and cognitive abilities of primates, Jackie is an engaging and inspiring speaker, educator, and storyteller. Her conversational teaching style and ability to fuse messages of compassion, hope, and courage with scientific knowledge and conservation, instantly connects her with audiences of all ages. 


Weaving together stories from growing up in Canada with her adventures trekking through the jungles of Thailand studying gibbons, Jackie entertains her audiences with the magic and beauty of the world. At the same time, her insights into global humanitarian and conservation concerns provide valuable knowledge that directly address the impact of our everyday actions on the lives of other people, animals, and our environment today. 


Audiences are motivated, encouraged, and empowered to become active participants in a global society that respects and reveres nature, human diversity, and our planet, equipped with the tools to create meaningful change with a local and global impact.


Request a speaking engagement with Jackie for your 

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