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Become an Primate Protector Today!

The Issue:

Social media is home to millions of posts sharing content depicting wild animals.


Though these posts may seem cute or funny, behind the scenes animals are most likely suffering from hunger, disease, injury, distress, and fear. 


A side of animals on social media that goes unseen is wildlife trafficking, or the pet trade. Social media normalizes the idea that wild animals make good pets and supports their continued purchase.  For example, around 15% of exotic pet owners say they were inspired to make their purchase through YouTube.


This is further concerning as wildlife trafficking ties into wider systems of habitat destruction and trends a human and non-human animal exploitation.  


Let’s join together and combat this cruelty taking place and its wider implications for animals and the environment! Find guides on our website to learn to identify animal cruelty on social media and report it. Take the pledge to become an Online Gibbon Guardian and join our community of people creating change.

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Become an Primate Protector today!


Use our identifying guide to understand ways in which the wildlife content you are coming across on social media could actually be contributing to animal cruelty and the wider wildlife trade system.


 Do not engage with posts in any way such as liking, commenting, or watching a video. Doing so only registers as engagement with the post thus generating more profit for the poster and platform from this content, while also increasing the likelihood that this content will appear on other people’s feed. 


Use our reporting guide to take action when you see content that shows animal cruelty and supports the wildlife trade.

Become a Real Life Gibbon Guardian - Join our Gibbon Guardian membership program to help support gibbons in the wild.

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As a gibbon guardian I pledge to:

Our Call to Action!

Fill out our reporting guide below after submitting your report on social media! Send us a screenshot of your successful submission. We’ll keep track of how many posts you report and include you on the Online Gibbon Guardian leaderboard. 

By sharing proof of your report you consent to Prime Earth posting your name publicly through social media shout outs.

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Fill out out reporting guide below:

If you are stuck on what to submit, take a look at our reporting and identifying guides on what to look out for on social media. 

Join our gibbon guardian family and take action today!
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