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Love the Earth

Are you passionate about making change?

Join Our Advocacy Ambassador Community!

The Advocacy Ambassadors are everyday people who come together to grow the impact of advocacy activities and have inside access to the planning process of upcoming campaigns.

By signing up you’ll have the power to influence policies, support crucial campaigns, and make a real impact on the environmental, animal welfare, and social justice issues that matter most!

United we’re forging the path to a more compassionate world!

Being an Advocacy Ambassador is easy…

  • Review the Ambassador agreement to learn important information about your role and responsible communications

  • Look out for emails with exclusive updates, social media kits & opportunities to connect with other Advocacy Ambassadors and the Prime Earth Advocacy Operations Team

  • Share content and raise awareness about issues you’re passionate about and we'll track your impact

  • Level up and earn rewards with every message shared!

Level Up Your Impact

Every time you complete an Ambassador Action Item (like forwarding an email message or sharing a social media post) you'll build connections and get one step closer to leveling up from an Advocacy Ambassador, to an Advocacy Ambassador Leader, and finally an Advocacy Ambassador Changemaker! With each level you reach you gain access to exclusive rewards and resources to further grow your impact.

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Advocacy Ambassador

 Just Starting Out

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Advocacy Ambassador Leader

25+ connections reached

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Advocacy Ambassador Changemaker

50+ connections reached

The Ambassador Agreement

While acting in your role as an Advocacy Ambassador, it is essential that you follow the guidelines below for respectful communications. As an Ambassador you become part of our commitment to bring inspiration and opportunities, to help people make a positive impact in the world. The Ambassador Agreement represents this promise and outlines the steps you are agreeing to take through your participation in the program. 

  • Lead by example across all communication to embody our values of:

    • Integrity - communicating honestly, openly, authentically and respectfully

    • Accuracy - communicating correct information, free from bias and grammatical errors

    • Clarity - communicating in a clear, straightforward and coherent manner

    • Consistency - communicating regularly and reliably to deliver our message

  • Adhere to disclosure and transparency requirements

    • Advocacy Ambassadors are encouraged to proudly identify that they are a Prime Earth Advocacy Ambassador in social media account bios or in individual posts, however Ambassadors are not designated to speak on behalf of Prime Earth or represent the organization in any official capacities

    • The disclosure statement “All opinions expressed are my own” must be included in your social media bio if you identify yourself as an Advocacy Ambassador

    • Include the hashtag: #AdvocacyAmbassador to identify yourself when sharing content or posts

  • Follow and exemplify our animal content engagement protocols

    • Report and don’t engage with any social media content that depicts animals being mistreated in any way either intentionally or unintentionally (such as wild animals being treated like humans, acting unusually, or in close contact with humans)

    • For more information on identifying and reporting animal mistreatment online, and become part of collecting data on this issue, check out our Primate Protector campaign

  • Be inclusive and friendly, while simultaneously driven, determined and attentive

  • Promote inclusivity through our actions and language

    • Use inclusive pronouns (they/them/theirs/folks)

    • Don’t make assumptions about gender, race, experience or ability 

    • Avoid gender of race-specific emojis

    • Use title case for hashtags (more legible for screen readers)

    • Avoid speciesist or objectifying language when referring to animals

    • Report and remove any comments deemed sexist, racist, ableist, ageist, homophobic, or hateful

  • Advocacy Ambassadors that are found to be making any comments deemed sexist, racist, ableist, ageist, homophobic, or hateful will be removed from the program

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Ready to be a voice for change?

Fill out the form below to become an Advocacy Ambassador!

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