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Showing Up for Yourself: Developing Your Self-Compassion

  • 30Days


In a world that often demands perfection yet consistently finds flaws in everything, kindness towards ourselves is the ultimate act of both rebellion AND resilience. Building a better world is tough. Learning from our past mistakes can be tricky. Embracing our flaws, acknowledging our struggles, and treating ourselves with the same compassion we'd offer others unlocks a path not only to personal healing, growth, and inner peace, but also towards empathy, equity, and globally sustainable change! This building block is a guide towards being more self-compassionate, particularly during times where you would normally treat yourself with harshness or judgement. After completing the activities, you will have a deeper understanding of: [1] how to treat yourself with kindness and respect to build confidence and integrity, [2] when you need to practice self-compassion most to stay healthy, and [3] how to revamp your inner self-critic into a voice for productivity and positive change for you and for a better world. Creating a more compassionate world starts here!

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